For over 30 years, Dr. Fred Silveria has been giving his patients the “wow” effect. After adjustments, many times patients express their sincere gratitude for our care because it’s effective, personable, and thorough. He is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic.

We offer a variety of services: physical examinations, x-rays, physical therapy, supplements, orthopedic supplies, inter-segmental traction, and much more.

We treat all ages, those involved in auto accidents, sports injuries, and those just looking to benefit their overall well-being.

We accept most insurances. We will check your eligibility and do insurance billing for you.

Don’t hesitate to call us today. (916) 721-5677 Dr. Silveria’s cell: (916) 708-5677

Here are a few testimonials from Dr. Silveria’s patients.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Silveria’s for about 14 years and have always been happy with the way I’ve been treated. Dr. Silveria is a very nice person who has great compassion and the wonderful ability to put people at ease. He is very skilled at what he does and I always leave his office feeling better than when I went in. If it hadn’t been for Dr. Silveria, I believe I wouldn’t have healed from my accidents as well or as quickly.”

“I went to Dr. Silveria, originally as a result of an auto accident six months ago. He did a very comprehensive initial consultation with me and was so helpful with the insurance company! After I was back in good health from the accident, I have continued as his patient in what he calls a “wellness program”. Let me tell you, I have never felt this good, I mean relaxed and energized, in my life! I also take my children to him as well. They are getting the benefits of chiropractic care from early on…I really wish I could have started at their age! Thanks Dr. Fred, you are AWESOME!‎”

“I have been taking my 6 year old to the Dr. for the past 6 months or so. Her posture has really improved since she started seeing Dr. Silveria! He has a very good way with children.‎”